Renee Olstead and Francia Raisa Bikini Pictures Make Me Hopeful for the Future of Hotness

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Watching the daily Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton skanky nonsense can make one cynical about the future of celebrity sexy, but then you come across some kegger bikini party photos like these of sweet-ginger Renee Olstead, my new super crush, and her friend, Francia Raisa, the Latina hottie who is the main reason to see the Bring It On movie series past the first couple. Forget the handlers and the red carpets and the make-up artists and fashion designers, this is simply two hot young actresses with amazing bodies and boobs bursting forth from bikinis at a pool party. This is beautiful. This is sexy. This is Egotastic!

Big props to Egotastic! fan 'Kevin' for directing us to more candid bikini pictures of my redhead super crush, Renee Olstead:

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