Cleavage and Hot Legs Mark the Rock the Dots Fashion Event for Hollywood Hotties

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I'll be the first to admit that use of the word 'rocks' as a verb is a signal to me I'm on the wrong website. It's the lazy female bloggers explanation of how good some celebrity looked in some ensemble. AC/DC rocks Wembley. So and so can't rock a sweater and belt. Nevertheless, I didn't name the Rock the Dots fashion event in Hollywood over the weekend, but I did pay close attention when I saw the likes of Sarah Hyland and Olivia Culpo, Renee Olstead, Sarah Jeffrey, and Cher Lloyd coming out to play in teasing little polka dot covered outfits. I don't get it, but I totally get it.

There's a fine line between buying into a theme and ogling the wicked hot young ladies of Tinsel Town whose managers force them to buy into a theme. I'm always down for the latter. Especially when it involves lovely legs and some braless peeks on a Sunday. You can always record football and watch without commercials. You don't want to miss live sextastic peeks. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash

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