Josh Brolin Cast as Cable in 'Deadpool 2'


The great poet Rod Stewart once complained that "some guys have all the luck," and though he wrote that song more than thirty years ago, I'm fairly certain he was talking about Josh Brolin. Barbra Streisand's stepson is already playing Thanos, the biggest villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and now he's going to be playing Cable in Deadpool 2.

In case you don't know who Cable is, he's actually X-Man Cyclops' time-traveling son from an alternate universe. Lord knows what sort of movie backstory they're going to give him, but it's guaranteed to be dumb. Thankfully Deadpool's entire schtick revolves around making fun of conventions like that, so it'll all be great in the end, I'm sure. 

I must admit it's strange that Josh Brolin is going to be playing two active characters in competing franchises. Usually you have to tank a franchise first, like Chris Evans (Fantastic Four), Ben Affleck (Daredevil), or Deadpool himself Ryan Reynolds (Blade: Trinity, Green Lantern, R.I.P.D.), before they give you another comic book character to play, but whatever. There's only like 40 actors in Hollywood anyway, they were bound to start recycling sooner or later. Either way, I'm most excited about Deadpool 2 because Zazie Beetz is playing Domino, and she's hot as hell...


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