Topless Nicki Minaj Holds Her Big Eggs for Easter


"Jesus!" seem appropriate for an Easter exclamation. Yesterday, Nicki Minaj celebrated the Resurrection the only way she knows how, by flaunting her perfect genetically modified twin candied eggs on Instagram. So that’s where they were hidden. The wet dream-inducing singer might have skipped church on Sunday, but these ridiculously sexy selfies will surely bring you closer to God. He has risen… to create Minaj’s perfect funbags. Or at least he instilled the skill into the hands of her MDs.

In the two images, Minaj can be seen leaving little to the imagination while strategically covering her nips. Her melons are all knotted up in a titillating rope harness, and we’re privileged to peeks at enough skin to make us want to unharness. The real magic happens between her fingers in the close-up picture, where the trained eye will notice that Minaj reveals some of her actual bunny tips. What did we do to deserve this blessing?

Minaj’s teasing shots obviously come to us from a dressing room, but her caption “We shootin!” leaves the exact context a mystery. Considering the BDSM look that Minaj is sporting, could this be for one of her sexiest projects yet? Let’s pray on it.

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Photo Credit: Instagram

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