Priyanka Chopra Boudoir Hottie for Glamour


Indian thespianic hottie Priyanka Chopra could be everywhere these days and that still wouldn't be enough for the tasteful ogling gentleman. The sultry skinned hottie is heavy on the promotional tour these days and why not use her stellar body for supreme amounts of virtual likes. Physical likes can only be dreamed of with Priyanka at the moment.

Priyanka graces the pages of Glamour magazine this month, a periodical you need not peruse for I do all the laborious work on your behalf, leafing through my ladies mags as your pilot of prurient peeks. And Priyanka provides some loveliest of sweet shots of her in her underthings and some lightwear for the bedroom tease time. It's Glamour, so not exactly ribald, but with Priyanka you get the general idea that you'd truly love a day spent rolling in the sheets with this TV star. I'd settle on five minutes and a not so blaring siren when time was up. Oh, what an alluring lady. We could be so happy together, Priyanka. How does poverty and lovemaking strike you? Enjoy.


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Photo Credit: Glamor / Sebastian Kim

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