Tao Wickrath Sexy White One Piece and Pokies

And the way those arm holes are cut so deep she looks like she would be more at home in the 80’s on a basketball court with Wesley Snipes or pumping iron. That is not a complaint, If the holes were not so big then there would not be such a lovely view of her sideboob. Fortunately for us it is only a side view of her boobs, I imagine looking straight at them fully bare would lead to blindness, much like an eclipse.  

I feel a little let down by this white swimsuit. Hollywood has lead me to believe that when a white shirt becomes wet it also becomes see-through. And yet I see this woman fully saturated and still do not see even the hint of a ghost nip. Maybe I need to finally get some glasses, but it would be a lot easier for me if whomever is responsible for making that swimsuit would use a cheaper material. Aren’t all companies looking to cut corners anyway? It figures, the one time I need them to they decide to have standards.

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Photo Credit: Splash News

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