Nina Agdal Sexy Bikini for Covergirl September 2017


 When people look at a Scandinavian woman such as Nina Agdal they see the final product of when vikings were kidnapping all of the beautiful women. "Of course they would all be beautiful nowadays. Their ancestors were investing in women like penny stocks and now they are cashing in," they say. That all sounds well and good, even I thought that once upon a time, but then I got to thinking. All these old paintings I see of the women during that time are always ugly as hell. They had terrible bone structure and doughy bodies. And the thing is, that is what was considered attractive at the time. So my point is, if the vikings were stealing all the women they considered beautiful then would they not be taking all the puffy-faced women that were held in high esteem? So it makes no sense to me that today the women they produce have these high cheekbones. Something is not adding up. I suspect they have never stopped snatching up all the sexy women, they have only gotten more discrete about it. Now they just lure in these people with tourism and never let them leave.   

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Photo Credit: Covergirl

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