No Mom Bod For Hilary Duff

 I always thought it was a tad unfortunate for Hillary to have the last name Duff. For those that do not know, DUFF is also an acronym for Designated Ugly Fat Friend. I must say, Hillary has done a terrible job of living up to that moniker. Her body is still as tight as a hippo trying to squeeze into a pair of skinny jeans. I wonder if that name is what drives her to stay so fit. I know that because my father gave me the middle name of Idiot it has really pushed me to not be one. And aside from the occasional paperclip in an electrical outlet, I believe I have done a fair job of it. But who among us can honestly say they have never stuck anything in an outlet multiple times just to see what would happen? It is important to be able to repeat your results, I think that is called being scientific and it used to be encouraged in this country. So here's to Hillary, may she never be anyones DUFF.  


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