Lily-Rose Depp Not Wearing Much By Way of Underthings

I feel like we waited for forever for Lily-Rose Depp to turn barely legal. That may be because her parents got her into pretty serious modeling and theatrical work by age fourteen or so. Throws off the timeline quite a bit. But now that the celebrity model daughter is eighteen and walking about Los Angeles in barely any clothing, it's probably time to express some thoughts. If not catcalls.

Lily-Rose definitely takes after her European model mom in terms of daring to bare most places she goes. Including a skimpy little dress for running errands, sans any need for bras or silly things of this nature. Bottom commando remains unverified, though I should like to spend the rest of my living days verifying such. And rectifying as needed.

Lily-Rose certainly doesn't lack confidence, which is sextastic by its very definition. Bold, open, alluring, and knowing all the men and Sapphic looking women are peeking at you subtly or not so subtly. Act like you don't care, that only makes it hotter. Ah, young celebrity models, you make this world spin on its axis at just the right speed. Enjoy.


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Photo Credit: Backgrid

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