Hot Highlights From Hannah Furgeson's Swimwear Shoot For Express

Nothing for a man says "I've made it" quite like purchasing three suits for $99 at Express, and the same general guidelines go for women as well. Seeing a woman sporting sensibly priced trend-forward urban wear really gets my panties in a bunch, which is why I'm so excited to see body buffet Hannah Fergeson posing like a pro in these super hot swimsuits. Ferguson really does deliver curves up to here, and these pics provide some salivating peeks at her squeezable booty, tight-tastic frame, and melonriffic rack. These swimsuits just scream "practical" and "mall clothes" and those just so happen to be words that really get me lactating. Check out Furgeson's furking hot bod in the gallery and head to the comments to let us know how much you love women in ugly clothes.


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Photo Credit: Photographer Tyler Mason for Express 2017

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