Made In Chelsea Star Daisy Robins At The Urban Music Awards

 I wonder if parents know when they have a baby that is going to grow up to be this attractive. I know all parents like to bullshit and pretend that all of their babies are going to be the next Dorian Leigh, but even most of them know that is a crock. Babies tend to look like the rebel mutant leader from Total Recall. Most grow out of that stage, the others get a candle lit for them at the local cathedral. 

I just imagine that a parent, most likely the father, is given a feeling of impending doom when he has daughter that will grow up to be attractive. They must. It seems like it would be an evolutionary necessity so that he could begin to take the proper precautionary steps. Mr. Robins first step was clearly naming her Daisy. Not to say that Daisy is a bad name, but she is sure to be driven mad by the tsunami of men who use that stupid song as an ice breaker. By now it must give her the involuntary reaction of vomiting on whomever sings it. Well played, Mr. Robins, well played.

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Photo Credit: Splash News

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