British Model Kimberley Garner Is My Girl Of The Week

 I normally have very strict rules about men and women's clothing. I don't encroach on their styles, even though I am certain my calves would look gorgeous in a pair of high heels, and they leave men's formal wear alone. However, Kimberley Garner looks so good in that blazer that I am forced to turn a blind eye to my standards in order to give her the proper recognition that she deserves. 

Most men barely look good in a blazer, they always seem so tense and uncomfortable, so it is even more impressive that Kim can wear that jacket with such apparent ease. Maybe it is due to the sleeves being rolled up, that really makes her seem casual and cool. It works the same way as turning your hat backwards or sitting with a chair turned the opposite way.

That last woman I thought looked good in male clothing was Avril Lavigne, but I also thought Lee Pipes jeans were stylish so my taste was clearly lacking back then. I hope that with all their similarities Kimberley's career lasts a fair bit longer than hers without things getting so complicated.   


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Photo Credits: Splash News

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