Lizzie Cundy and Tyla Carr Sexy Together In London

 I do not know what these two are doing together, so I will go ahead and jump to an outrageous conclusion using my Magic 8-Ball. 

Magic 8-Ball, will these two be starring in a film together? Signs point to yes

Magic 8-Ball, will it be an adult film? It is decidedly so.

Ooh, this is getting good. Will it be one of those Mother-Daughter-seducing-a-boyfriend types? Reply hazy, try again.

Damn it. Will Lizzie be playing the role of the mother? Don't count on it.

What? Will Tyla Carr be playing the role of the mother? It is certain.

Well that doesn't make any sense! How could Tyla be playing the parent? What a piece of garbage. This ball has been ripping people off for decades. My father used it to see if he should put it all on black during a game of roulette and it said: Without a doubt. We ended up losing the damn house. I'm thinking about filing a class action lawsuit because we can't be the only ones to have been screwed over by that thing.


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Photo Credit: Splash News 

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