Olivia Culpo and Cara Santana Night Out In Hollywood

The only thing superior to one sextastic celebrity hitting the town at night are two such BFFs of the visual wonderment arts dolling up for the evening paparazzi and see-me, see-you crowds in Hollywood. It's been a bit chilly here in Los Angeles of late, but that can't and won't stop the ladies who hit the gym hard daily from showing off and strutting their stuff.

Olivia Culpo and slender workout buddy Cara Santana hit the pavement of Tinsel Town smiling like they know they're hot. That's fairly simple for them to imagine. Some of us have to dig deeper. Olivia killed with some thigh high boots that are already part of my Olivia-stomps-me-into-sexual-submission REM sleep dream lineup, showing twelve times nightly. Damn, I love those on her legs. Cara chose black and form fitting. Both a dynamic duo of the passion inducement.

While Hollywood is definitely a day time show off crowd in general, don't discount the night life and the night scenes of supremely fine women decked out to be camera ready. It's only cold by California comparison. Better bomb women than bomb cyclones. Enjoy.


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Photo Credit: Backgrid USA

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