Anri Sugihar Busty Asian Goddess on the Beach

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bill-swift - July 17, 2015

Consider me a long distance fan of Anri Sugihara, the Japanese beauty model and one simply fine Busty Asian Goddess. Anri decided to reward our travels Eastward under cover of darkness and very cheap airfare with this rather epic bodacious curves of heaven visual wonderment in gold on the beach. It's s a swimsuit, a bikini, a... it's just perfect.

I once met a man who did not fall for sweet hot buxom Asian girls. And I slapped him. I did. It just felt right. Everybody has their own opinion and their right to their own opinion, but some are just profane and require a little reminder of their inexplicability. And speaking of profane, oh, Anri, the ideas I already have planned for our honeymoon after you become my third wife, twice removed. It's hard to find honey in volume discount containers. Still looking. Stay sweet. Enjoy.