Fernanda Uesler, Thy Bikini Name Is Sultry Passion

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bill-swift - May 1, 2014

Sometimes I just look at a sultry hot Brazilian woman and I melt into a quivering mass of room temperature Jell-O. And when they look back, it's complete dissolve to the molecular level. Just look at Brazilian born hottie model Fernanda Ueslerposing for a bikini hot body shoot in Miami. That body, that bottom, that look of lust inducement. It's just so crazy hot. It's only with the utmost of self-restraint that I don't unleash my full powers of manliness upon Fernanda, because we're both professionals.

I know everyday people remind us to be more thankful for all the good things in our life. It's solid advice to keep yourself focused on the positive. As for me, I'm focusing on Fernanda for a little while longer. I feel more than grateful to live in a world with millions of good looking ladies. Imagine being a snail. Enjoy.

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