Kat Graham In Spandex Is My Workout Routine

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bill-swift - May 21, 2014

Each morning, both Kat Grahamand I get up with the intention of hard working our bodies into total physical perfection. Kat proceeds to slap on some Spandex and tiny shorts and go make it happen. I have A.D.D. with a rather serious related case of the Super Lazies rendering me incapable of being as committed to the hard work as Kat. It's okay, I don't want your pity.

Let's just be glad we got the chance to witness Vampire Diaries' star Kat Graham working hard for her fine female form, a little stretching, a little running, a lot of preening in a sports bra and show-off shorts. And why not show off when you've got a body like Kat's. Show off even more I say. In fact, Kat, if you get totally nekkid, I'll come out to the park and run half a lap or so. I too can be committed with the right carrot. Enjoy.

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