Katie Holmes Leggy Flash While Skirt Flys Up

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michael-garcia - October 26, 2016

Pretty and sexy actress Katie Holmes gave us all an eye-full of her legs when her skirt flew up thanks to a kind breeze. The skirt she was wearing had a long slit in it and as soon as the wind started blowing, up it went. That's when we saw Katie's long lovely stems. Katie really does have some incredible legs. When I think of how they were once wasted on that grinning troll tom Cruise it makes me very angry. Luckily, she left his weirdo ass but I think she's curently single. She deserves a man who will appreciate how hot she is. A man who will be sensitive to her needs and not try to force her into a UFO cult. A man like me, for example. I don't even care that she has a kid. That's the kind of guy I am. 

I've been in love with Katie since my high school girlfriend used to make me watch Dawson's Creek. I totally would have fought that Pacey dude for her. 


Photo Credit: Splash

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