Natalie Dormer Sextastic and Very British At BAFTA Nominations Ceremony

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bill-swift - January 10, 2018

Don't lay low on the BAFTAs. The British version of the Oscars and equally pretentious so, listed their nominations in a press conference that included the lusciously lust inducing Natalie Dormer. I almost feel like I just saw all her topless onscreen performances like yesterday. Maybe because I did in a lovely bit of happy time review.

Natalie is one of the Britty hotties who make the Old English thespianic ogle worthy world go-round. Don't count out the sextastic women of GB when it comes to solid shows of alluring force in film and television. The BAFTas may force you to consider the art and speaking truth to power bs of the whole matter, but wade beyond the speeches to witness the true spectacle. The boobtastic and happy feelings making women of Britain.

Natalie, you're a portend of leering times to come at a formal, decked out United Kingdom of hotties even soon to come. Reserving my tea and crumpets for just such an occasion. Though I might spill a wee bit of tea prior to the event. I'm only human and you're quite hot. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Splash News